Our Cause

IntelliVue Telemetry SystemThe Uplands Golf Club Heart Tournament has raised almost $2.5 million for Heart Health at Royal Jubilee Hospital over the past 39 years including:

• 2016: $140,000 for new recording system for the Electrophysiology (EP) Lab
• 2015: $135,000 for External Pacemakers
• 2014: $135,000 for Telemetry System Monitors for the Heart Health Units
• 2013: $140,000 for a Telemetry Monitoring System for Cardiac Rehab
• 2012: $140,000 for a Cell Saver for the Cardiac Operating Rooms
• 2011: $112,000 for Critical Care Beds for the Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit

For 2017’s tournament we are raising $150.000 to contribute to the purchase of a new mobile C-arm fluoroscopic x-ray system. This advanced equipment is used during an angiogram, a diagnostic procedure performed by a cardiologist to obtain detailed x-ray images of the
patient’s heart and coronary blood vessels. This procedure identifies any arteries that are narrowed or blocked, as well as their size and exact location. Last year, interventional cardiologists in the Jubilee’s Heart Catheterization Lab performed more than 550
angiograms for patients from across Vancouver Island.

“The upgrade needed on the mobile C-Arm will enable physicians at Royal Jubilee
to perform diagnostic procedures on at-risk patients who have experienced
symptoms of concern (such as chest pain, or shortness of breath) and enable more
proactive treatment. This would be a tremendous improvement on the existing
inefficient system that is a decade old and no longer meets the required standards
of practice.”
– Dr. Anthony Della Siega, Department Head, Interventional Cardiology


VHF-PhotoWith an aging population and the number of people with cardiovascular disease climbing, so is the need for cardiac resources. We must ensure that we not only sustain, but advance cardiac care at our hospital with innovative technology and specialized training.

“It’s so important to have the latest equipment in our physicians hands—for diagnosis, intervention and rehabilitation. Your support will help make sure your hospital continues to be a cardiac centre for  excellence.”
– Dr. Lynn Fedoruk
Division Chief, Cardiac Surgery
Island Health